Marketing to Men: Best Emotional Branding Tactics For Advertising to Men

    By Graeme Newell | Small Business

    Want to win the hearts of your male customers? Great brands do their homework to find the deep emotional triggers that make a marketing message irresistible.

    In this speech from the iMark marketing conference in Iceland, I show how the world’s most powerful brands make strong connections when marketing to men.  Learn how to use emotional branding to tap their most powerful beliefs.

    Marketing to men is the advertising industry’s forte – or so we think. Marketing has long been about advertising to men, but long-gone are the days when marketing to men was as easy as showing a hot chick using the product. Since then, emotional marketing and emotional branding have taught us many things about advertising to men and marketing to men, and here’s some tips for making your advertising to men more effective using emotional marketing.

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