Which Marketing Job Suits Your Personality Best?

    By Sam Wright | Small Business

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    Finding the right job for you is about more than merely having the right qualifications and experience. Crucially, being a good fit for your job means having the right temperament. This where personality tests such as the Myers-Briggs come in. Measuring you on four axis, namely extraversion/introversion, sensing/intuition, thinking/feeling and judging/perception, they separate people out into various personality types. Your personality type can have a huge impact on your relationships, your life and of course, your career.

    So if you’re interested in a specific area (for instance, marketing) it’s worth using Myers-Briggs to determine exactly which job in that sector is the best fit for you. In this article, we’ll take a look at a number of jobs in the marketing sector with David Richter, Marketing Manager of HR specialists Octopus, to see how they fit the various personality types.

    Advertising and Promotions Manager

    The Advertising and Promotions Manager is in charge of directing an organisations marketing campaigns. You could end up working in-house for a particular employer, for an agency that handles a number of different clients or for a company that sells advertising space or time.

    As you can imagine, because this job involves directing numerous other people, as well as regular interactions with clients, this is a job that is especially suited to extroverts. By the same token, because advertising campaigns can move so quickly, intuitive personality types tend to fair better here, rather than those who take time to weigh things up. You will often have to improvise on the fly, so “perception” rather than “judgement” personality types tend to fair best here.

    “However, none of these rules are cut and dry,” says Richter. “INTJ (Introverted, Intuitive, Thinking, Judgement) personality types are almost the exact opposite of most profiles that would fit this position, but their original minds and strong drive make them adept at putting ideas into action, a valuable skill in this job.”

    Advertising Sales Agent

    Advertising Sales Agents, or account executives, or advertising sales representatives, this job has many titles, but its function is the same. Your employer will be a media outlet such as a newspaper, radio station, website or TV channel, and your job is to get people to buy advertising space.

    “As with an advertising and promotions manager, being an extravert is crucial here. Your working day will consist of talking to complete strangers and persuading them that they want to buy what you’re selling – wallflowers need not apply. However, unlike those tasked with managing and implementing campaigns, sales agents tend to be more “Sense” than “Intuition” style personalities.”

    “This job is a lot more nuts and bolts, and so an ability to grasp the concrete information available becomes much more important than making intuitive leaps.”

    Marketing Manager

    Marketing Manager might sound like an interchangeable title with Advertising and Promotions Manager, but it uses a very different set of skills. Rather than coming up with the campaign, you are responsible for examining the information gathered by market research to assess the level of demand for your products, spot potential problems, and even  evaluate factors such as the price of your product.

    “However, as with advertising and promotions manager you’ll find that an extroverted and intuitive personality will be a strong asset in this position, but a more analytical mind is needed. You won’t find many Feelers vs. Thinkers in this position. Your job is to evaluate information quickly and draw the correct conclusions from it.”


    Not all marketing jobs require an extroverted personality, although in such a people centred area of work you will find a lot of them. However, every advert, piece of packaging and promotional website needs designing, and most of this work is done by people who are happy spending hours on end in their own company.

    One thing that is absolutely essential here, however, is a strong intuition, while being a thinker rather than a feeler helps to. You need to be creative while also having the ability to analyse those ideas constructively.

    Market Research

    Market Research is exactly what it sounds like. Your job is to gather information on what people think, helping companies understand what their customers want, what they think of current products and what new products could be successful. This involves gathering and analysing statistics, seeing what you competitors are doing, and looking closely at sales figures and customer feedback.

    “It doesn’t really matter whether you’re an Introvert or Extrovert for this job, but Intuitive Thinkers are high in demand, and strong analytical minds are essential for this kind of work. The important thing is that you enjoy getting neck deep in data and drawing useful conclusions from it, as well as being able to present that data in such a way as to be clearly understood by others.”

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