Marketing Against the Grain: Ditch the Template!

Marketing Against the Grain: Ditch the Template! image Marketing Strategy No Secret 225x300Marketing Against the Grain: Ditch the Template!“10 Marketing Rules You Can’t Live Without”

“The One Marketing Secret You Need to Know”

“7 Marketing Strategies from the Fortune 500”

“Yeah, sure,” you say. And rightfully so. Blog posts like these get clicks. And they usually have a couple of interesting points. But do they ever really contain that promised kernel of truth so earnestly held forth in the title?

No, of course not. If they did, you’d only have to read such a post once before kicking your brilliant marketing strategy into high gear and doubling revenues annually.

The “Secret” of Marketing?

You already know what the secret of marketing is: there is no secret. There is no formula, there are no rules, and there is no single marketing strategy guaranteed to deliver results time after time. If there were, there’d be no reason for marketing agencies like BuzzPlant to even exist.

But here’s what you can do: turn the paradigm on its head.

Go against the grain.

Throw the template and formulas out the window.

You may not necessarily have a better idea than anything that’s been done before (though that’s always the goal), but you can at least have a different idea. 36creative, a New Hampshire agency, recently shared some tips on this style of marketing.

For a concrete example of shifting the paradigms, let’s take a look at Seatzy, a movie marketing and distribution platform that flies in the face of the entire industry.

Seatzy: Film Marketing Outside the Box

If you’ve ever been involved in marketing an indie film, then you know it’s not easy out there for the little (to medium-sized) guy. Just to get the film into your local theater requires some serious hoop-jumping skills. Once it’s actually screening, you then have to take some big risks and as much cash as you can scrounge up to fill those seats with paying moviegoers.

It’s awful. Filmmakers hate it.

Seatzy was created with the belief that film marketing doesn’t have to be that way. Instead, the company takes an entirely different route, connecting films with the audiences that want to see them.

  1. Filmmakers partner with Seatzy, who promotes the film online.
  2. The first purchaser (or group) must reserve at least 10 tickets to begin a campaign. The filmmakers approve the campaign, and it’s on.
  3. More individuals and groups reserve tickets. When a minimum number of tickets are reserved, the film opens in those particular theaters and cities.

If you’re not into movie marketing, this concept might not sound so off-the-wall. But for filmmakers, this distribution and marketing strategy is brilliant – and unlike anything else happening today.

So, What? Should I Be Seatzy?

Nope, not at all. I share the Seatzy story because it’s an example of a marketing strategy that’s done differently. Seatzy is not a marketing “secret.” It’s not running off some classic playbook or convoluted algorithm you can’t understand. Seatzy does good marketing because it ditches the template. It goes against the grain of every other film marketing strategy out there.

The key is finding your niche… your marketing strategy that’s unlike anyone else’s!

So, the question is: How will you turn the paradigm on its head? What do you believe should be at the core of a solid marketing strategy?

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