The Many Girlfriends of Derek Jeter

    By Chris Beck | Small Business

    Derek Jeter recently announced that he will be retiring at the end of the 2014 MLB season.  He is most certainly a first ballot hall of famer and will go down in history as being not only one of the best Yankees to ever play the game but also one of the best short-stops in the illustrious history of Major League Baseball.

    Derek Jeter will forever be known for what he has done on the field but many people who know Derek Jeter will also remember him for his famous off the field celebrity girlfriends.  Throughout the ballplayer’s career we have often seen him highlighted both on and off the field.  Ever since Jeter came onto the scene back in 1996 he has had many encounters with celebrity women. From Victoria Secret models to famous singers and actresses Derek Jeter has dated them all.

    Millions of people play fantasy baseball every year where they put together their own dream team of players.  I’d be willing to be however that many of you would greatly prefer to have Jeter’s fantasy team.  See the infographic below to take a look at who makes Derek Jeter’s ultimate relationship fantasy team.

    The Many Girlfriends of Derek Jeter image jeter infographic1The Many Girlfriends of Derek Jeter
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