Malcolm Smith, Super Bowl MVP, Can Take the 12th Man Only So Far

    By Scott Croker | Small Business

    Malcolm Smith, Super Bowl MVP, Can Take the 12th Man Only So Far image medium 12335525144Malcolm Smith Can Only Take The 12th Man So Far

    Seattle Seahawks’ linebacker Malcolm Smith appeared on NFL Network on Monday to discuss the team and its Super Bowl victory. According to the big game’s MVP, he tried his best to get the 12th man into the studio with him, but couldn’t because of crowd noise.

    Smith was crowned the Super Bowl MVP after an epic performance highlighted with an interception of Peyton Manning that he returned for a touchdown.

    The pick-six gave the Seahawks a 22-0 lead at halftime. The Denver Broncos couldn’t overcome the deficit, and ended up losing 43-8.

    Malcolm Smith arrived at NFL Network on Monday to a crowd of Seahawks’ fans lovingly known as the “12th Man.” The network, of course, would not let the big man bring the fans in the studio with him.

    Smith, the good spirit that he is, posted this picture via Twitter to show his appreciation to the fans:

    The next step for Smith and the Seattle Seahawks will be to defend their Super Bowl title. The team is officially public enemy number one in the NFL heading into 2014. Seattle is at the top of the league with every other team frothing at their respective mouths to unseat them.

    For now, it’s nice to see Malcolm Smith embracing the lighter side of his job. Some athletes don’t believe in giving back. Smith clearly understands he would not be where he is without the fans. It’s an important lesson that more diva-like athletes should take to heart.

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