Making a Splash: Fast and Fascinating Water Facts [Infographic]

If you hear “World’s Fastest Swimmer” and automatically think Michael Phelps, then this infographic is right for you. When it comes to fast swimmers there is a lot more going on than a hunky Olympian. For example, in 1926, 19 year-old Gertrude Ederle broke grounds by becoming the first woman to swim the English Channel. It took her just 14 hours and 31 minutes, several hours below Matthew Webb who first swam it 51 years prior.

Us two-legs are always looking for ways to become faster, stronger swimmers. With the aid of plastic foot flippers and shaving our bodies bare, it’s like we’ll do anything to become kings and queens of the water. Even high tech, newfangled swimsuits that streamline the body, create more buoyancy and reduce swimmer fatigue. In the end though, we’re no match for the natural swimmers, and that’s not just fish. The green sea turtle clocks in at 15.6 meters per second, when humans are just barely pushing three meters per second. If that seems impressive, check out the sailfish. Not only is it terrifying looking, it is also the fastest fish to date, getting up to 31 meters per second in the water. Made of 70% muscle and 30% nightmare, this is not a fellow you’d want to run into in a dark underwater alley.

Check out the rest of the infographic below presented by Backyard Ocean for more fast swimmers and water facts.

Making a Splash: Fast and Fascinating Water Facts [Infographic] image swimmersMaking a Splash: Fast and Fascinating Water Facts [Infographic]

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