Making the Grade: Great Teachers in Our Schools [Infographic]

For anyone out there who just knew their teachers had it out for them, this infographic from is for you – turns out they probably didn’t hate you after all! In fact, despite low starting salaries and little opportunity for personal and monetary advancement, more than 200,000 teachers enter the classroom each fall – most with the intent to stay there. In fact, 26 percent of all teachers in the classroom in 2011 had been there for just one to five years.

Many who become teachers made the decision to do so early in life – 35 percent said they knew their calling while still in college, while 60 percent of respondents claim the decision was made even earlier. And while many first year teachers believe themselves to struggle in key areas of the classroom, such as teaching subject matter, motivating students and maintaining discipline, by the 5th year almost all feel confident in their abilities.

Are you thinking about getting into teaching? As this infographic from shows, it takes a lot of heart, hard work and dedication. But the rewards are far from monetary and are the reason so many put in 50 hours a week or more. If you are, have, or love a teacher, we want to hear from you! Check out the rest of this infographic and be sure to leave a comment!

Making the Grade: Great Teachers in Our Schools [Infographic] image teachers3Making the Grade: Great Teachers in Our Schools [Infographic]
Source: Making the Grade: Great Teachers in Our Schools

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