Service makes automated customer service less expensive and annoying

While many businesses in the past have opted for an automated telephone service – and innnovations such as FonGenie have helped smaller businesses use them – a number of customers can find them more annoying than helpful. Helping businesses become more user-friendly, Israel-based Zappix offers a visual alternative to voice menus that can be navigated before call charges are applied.

Automated menus can be useful for connecting callers to the most relevant line based on their needs, although the fact that they are audio-based means they often take a long time to go through the options, racking up charges for customers. Considering how many of those customers now have smartphones, Zappix aims to replace voice menus with a web-based visual option that determines the best department to connect them to before initiating the call. The first time a caller navigates through a company’s Zappix menu, their path is saved in a bookmarks folder so that they can easily call the correct extension again without having to re-navigate the menu. The app is available for free on the App Store and Google Play, and currently supports a number of top businesses.

Zappix saves consumers time and money, while improving their relationship with the brands they want to speak to. Companies wanting to offer the service to their customers can set up and customize their visual menu by getting in touch with the startup.


Spotted by: Alexia M

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