Magic Lantern: Keyboard Recorder of the FBI

    By Natalia David | Small Business

    Rumors of Magic Lantern first hit the internet airwaves when Bob Sullivan, a prominent journalist and co-founder of MSNBC network, accused the FBI for using powerful keylogger software to aid in its investigations of extortion and harassment. The Bureau denied the allegations until official FBI documents produced in court proved that the FBI had developed the tool, in 2002 . This high-tech keyboard Recorder was capable of remote installation unlike previous keyloggers which had to be physically installed in a target computer. The documents further stated that the use of Magic Lantern peaked in the 2005 – a time when identity theft crimes were on the rise.

    A shocker came when it was revealed that Magic Lantern could not be detected by popular antiviruses, developed by security software giants like Norton and McAfee. This was so because these big companies had formed an alliance with the FBI. They purposely left a backdoor for Magic Lantern to pass through their walls and begin operation without any restrictions.

    Once concrete evidence had been gathered, the court made this surveillance tool a part of the Computer and Internet Protocol Address Verifier. This meant that Magic Lantern was banned from use, in 2013. Our infographic has a lot more information about the Magic Lantern.

    Magic Lantern: Keyboard Recorder of the FBI image keylogger3Magic Lantern: Keyboard Recorder of the FBI
    By: Mobistealth Keyboard Recorder

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