Love Your Work: How To Raise The Emotion Quotient

    By Ed Shaw | Small Business

    How Much Do You Love Your Work?

    Love Your Work: How To Raise The Emotion Quotient image 274652 l srgb s gl 300x199Love Your Work: How To Raise The Emotion QuotientI have always said you need to love at least 51% of the stuff in your daily work, any less and you’re in the wrong job or will become demotivated. I shift between loving my work, on those great days, and working to ensure that those I love are covered for on the occasional less-inspired day.

    Often I look for things to get involved in that help raise that “love” bar to supplement my core responsibilities. You have to make your own path and take control, don’t you?

    Consistently over the years I have found ways to raise my “love” bar. They are connecting with co-workers, participating in events, and working on passion projects.

    Connecting with Co-Workers

    What amazes me about a multi-billion dollar software company is that you can find people across lines of business and location, inspire them with an idea or a concept, and people will truly move mountains to make things happen way beyond your original hopes!

    My colleagues are constantly impressing me with their innovative insights and inspiring me with their persistent pursuit of perfection. Realizing just how extraordinary it is to work with all of these amazing people every day substantially raises my ‘love’ bar.

    Participating in Events

    This year I am actively volunteering to make a difference by participating in more events. Recently I helped to plan an upcoming event and participating in that planning process considerably raised my ‘love’ bar. I witnessed a bunch of enthusiastic employees give up their own time and invest their own energy and commitment to help design, plan and create an awesome day that will hopefully make all our employees in the United Kingdom and Ireland feel appreciated. I am so excited to see all of the smiles on the people that day as they will know for real that every person counts!

    Passion Projects

    What inspires me from day to day is getting to work on projects that I am passionate about. When doing the important, yet sometimes mundane tasks of the day, replying to emails, participating in conference calls, etc., that are vital for a business to run optimally, I am always looking forward to the time when those tasks are completed and I can fully focus on the projects I am most passionate about.

    For instance, it brings me great joy to spend time “giving back”. I was recently invited to present at the Business Women’s Network in the UK and chose to facilitate a session on conscious life choices, looking at self-awareness and the impact on work / life balance. It was a fantastic opportunity to share some of the experience and learning I have received from some of the great leaders I have worked for, and to know I might make a small difference in increasing our workforce diversity.

    Whenever I feel the ‘love’ bar rise higher I once again truly appreciate how much I love my work and how fortunate I am that I regularly work around topics that I love. I receive that love back for my work every day because I chose a path and I take control. It’s easy really…

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