Long Live SMS!

According to SAP’s William Dudley in the recently released Mobile Operator Guide, mobile industry experts have been predicting the demise of SMS for almost a decade now. But the users are rallying, letting the experts know the text message is here to stay.

But why? Because of its “simplicity, pervasiveness, and sheer dominance”. Everyone uses it; in fact, there was an estimated 6.1 trillion SMS messages sent in 2011. It is the most used function of any phone, whether it’s a basic or smartphone. It has the potential to reach 5.4 billion people around the world, equating to 77% of the world’s population.

That’s a pretty powerful communication vehicle if you ask me. Its potential is just beginning to be tapped. It doesn’t matter if you try and create an easy to use application, some download and never use. So many brands and marketers are providing updates, deals, and news to their audiences via SMS.

It can help us quickly catch up with a friend, or tell someone we’re running late, but it’s more powerful than that. It is playing a huge role in the growth of developing countries.

Long Live SMS! image long live smsLong Live SMS!

How SMS is Helping Developing Countries

With attractive pricing options, SMS is easily accessible in these developing countries. Take Latin America for example, despite the fact feature phones are the primary tool rather than smartphones, SMS gives them access to a wide range of services.

For example, say there was a recent outbreak of the flu. Either the hospitals or non-profit medical workers in the nation could send a text to those subscribed to the feed. Giving them options on where to get a vaccine, or maybe even a coupon for medicine to ease the symptoms.

In other developing nations similar to Latin America, it can provide small vendors hours if not days of working time because no longer do they have to find a car to borrow, then travel to the bank, they can do all this from their mobile device.

SMS and Mobile Operators

The immortal SMS is one of the many pieces entwined in the future of the mobile operator. To learn more about the challenges and strategies for mobile operators, check out SAP’s Mobile Operator Guide.

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