In London, smart street lights will be controlled through iPads

Tablet computers have proven themselves to be more than useful for businesses, and we’ve seen the devices come in handy for better patient-doctor communication, automatic drinks ordering and teaching kids how to email. Now Westminster City Council in London is investing in iPad controlled streetlights to save energy and aid engineers.

Over the next four years the local authority aims to fit the 14,000 street lights in the borough with technology that will allow council workers to see faults in real-time and also predict when a bulb will come to the end of its life. The system will enable the council to control when the lights are on, helping to cut energy costs. The initiative is set to cost GBP 3.25 million but will pay for itself within seven years, saving taxpayers money in the long run, the council claims.

The use of tablets is helping many businesses to do their work more quickly and effectively. Could your business benefit from portable computing power?


Spotted by: Katherine Noyes

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