A Little Zen Will Help You Get Started With Web Marketing

A Little Zen Will Help You Get Started With Web Marketing image medium 2381791019 300x198A Little Zen Will Help You Get Started With Web MarketingWhere should I start? How should I start? These are probably the two most intimidating questions – responsible for thousands of businesses who aren’t getting their fair share of web marketing results. It’s no secret that the world’s top businesses are using web marketing and social media marketing to reach their targeted audiences. But what about the rest of us? What about small businesses who don’t have full time professional marketers working on their behalf?

In her book The Zen of Social Media Marketing: An Easier Way to Build Credibility, Generate Buzz, and Increase Revenue, Shama Kabani tells you exactly where and how to get started… painting a picture that the business website is the center of the web marketing ecosystem. She says “you shouldn’t be engaging in social media marketing if you don’t have a website first.” A highly performing website is a must-have for any modern web marketing program because “it converts” according to Kabani.

The point being that business websites are more effective than most online mediums at turning anonymous visitors into prospective customers that you can call or email or talk to in your store. I couldn’t agree more. In fact we launched the Headline Optimization feature in BoostSuite a few months back to help you do exactly this… with just a few minutes of effort.

From here Kabani becomes your digital marketing Sherpa, walking you through the interaction between social media marketing and business websites, and social media strategy. For each of the top social networks she gives you great ideas for planning and launching your first campaign, pointing out the similarities and differences in the popular audiences of each.

So, should you get started with a social media marketing strategy for your business today? The answer is YES, as long as you already have a website that is attracting online visitors and efficiently turning them into new customers for your business. If not, what are you waiting for? Launch a new website or optimize your existing website on your own using BoostSuite then head over and buy Shama’s book to start your breakthrough into the world of social media marketing.

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