Listening is the Key to Social Media Success

Listening to your target customers and your peers and mentors is imperative to your social media success.

Listening is the Key to Social Media Success image social media listeningListening is the Key to Social Media SuccessSo many people want to get on the social media train, but they approach it the wrong way. They immediately want to begin to start posting items and gaining “likes”, fans and linkbacks. However, if social media is not done properly, it will not be effective and that is just a waste of your time. If not done properly social media can also have a negative affect on your business. Social media is more than the number of likes or fans you have. Social media is social. You want quality followers. You want followers that want to be social and interact with you.

What does social media success look like when you listen?

For those just getting started with social media, knowing what to say and post can be difficult. The best way to get started on your way to social media success is to listen. Your target audience is the group that you need to be listening to. After all it is their business that you are trying to gain. Listen to what your customers want and need when it comes to your products and services and then build upon that. If you are posting information that is of no relevance to your target audience then what is the point of the posts?

This video emphasizes the importance of listening to your audience when it comes to social media success.

Listening to your audience gives you insight to customer’s needs and wants. By listening, you can then give your audience exactly what they want. Another great way to interact with your audience and find out what they are thinking is by asking. Asking questions and posting polls give your audience a chance to provide input. Be sure to interact with followers when they post. Make them feel welcome and let them know you appreciate their insight and views. You can then use the responses to put together a plan to give your audience exactly what they need. This is the best way to ensure you are reaching and connecting to your audience and that your posts are relevant.

If you are new to social media, Training Hangout is a great place to start and get feedback and input from others who are more experienced. You must learn to balance the questions you ask. You don’t want to appear to be invasive or nosey. Your tone and how you word the question is important. You don’t want to turn customers away, you want to create a give and take. You want to create a flow where your customer feels that their time and input is valued.

By listening to your customers and giving them what they are searching for you ensure that they will come back to your page.

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