Listen to Your Current Clients When Issues Arise

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Are you looking for new clients in 2013? Have you identified a new target market to direct your marketing efforts toward?

Let me give you one additional piece of advice.

“Don’t neglect your current clients, especially those clients who have been with you for more than five years”

Recently, I experienced this topic first-hand as a long-term client with another company. (15 years). I received some really poor treatment and service and as a responsible client I wanted to bring this to management’s attention right away. The result: no answer or acknowledgement. I tried again to bring up the issue and see if I could get it resolved and again, no answer. I mentioned the possibility of going to a different company and received the following answer, “Here is the information from your account like you requested, you can pick it up this afternoon and take it with you.”

This is the first-time I have ever received poor service like this. I wanted to reconcile this issue right away, obviously the company had different ideas. I am still confused by this experience.

I have replayed this example in my head several times and talked to others to see if they had ever experienced a similar treatment from a company.


I am glad that this particular issue happened with me. I have a new respect for our own clients, especially those clients who have been with our company for five plus years. It is critical that these clients’ needs and questions are being received, listened to and acted upon. These clients are the backbone of your company and if you take care of them, typically they are the first to forgive you. These clients, like myself in the example above are not looking to leave, but if we know that are issues or questions are not going to be heard, we will go somewhere else that will listen.

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