How to Use LinkedIn Showcase Pages to Highlight Your Products

This week, LinkedIn announced a new feature: Showcase Pages. These pages are designed to highlight your company’s products and attract LinkedIn users to follow your product updates. These new pages work much like the regular Company Pages, allowing page managers to share articles, rich media, and other statuses related to a specific product.

How to Use LinkedIn Showcase Pages to Highlight Your Products image linkedin showcase pagesLinkedIn Showcase Page

These new pages are great for a two main reasons:

Marketers can now focus their efforts to each individual product.
Previously, the only option for promoting a product was to post a general update to the Company Page. The people who follow a company might not use all of the company’s products and therefore, may not be interested in updates about certain products. Now they have the option to follow the products they care about, and marketers can better segment their message to the people who care most.

Marketers can now create communities around a single product.
Some of your best brand advocates will be the people who regularly use and love your product. The new Showcase Pages are the perfect way to foster community among the people who already use your product as well as people who are interested in learning more about it. You now have the space to really let your product shine.

Some examples of brands already using these new pages include Microsoft, which created a page for its Microsoft Office platform, and Adobe, which has pages for its Marketing Cloud and Creative Cloud products.

How to Set Up a Showcase Page in LinkedIn

Setting up a Showcase Page is simple:

  1. Go to your Company Page and hover over the “Edit” button. The bottom option should be “Create a Showcase Page.”
  2. Choose a name for your page and add any other people who should be administrators/managers of the page alongside you. You have to be connected with the people you choose before you can add them.
  3. Add a banner image. This will appear at the top of the page and should highlight your product in an eye-catching way. The image you choose should be 974 x 330 pixels or larger to fit.
  4. Fill out the description for your product, making sure to use keywords that will help your page be discovered in search results.
  5. Add an outside URL that showcases your product. This can be a landing page, a full website, or a descriptive page within your website.
  6. Choose the proper category for your product. This will help people discover your Showcase Page based on their interests.
  7. Add logos. The Square Logo should be treated as your product’s profile picture or avatar, since it will be what appears when you post updates to the page.
  8. If you’re a member or owner of a group, you can feature it on your Showcase Page. This is especially beneficial if you’ve already created a group around your product.

Tips for Building Your Showcase Page Following

Just like any other social media profile, your new Showcase Page will start with no followers. In order to attract attention to your product and your company, here are a few tips on engaging your audience and increasing your following:

  • Tell people about the page. Make sure you post an update to your Company Page directing people to your new Showcase Page.
  • Update regularly. If your followers don’t see regular updates from your Showcase Page, they’re likely to forget about it.
  • Post relevant, interesting content. The best way to keep your followers happy is to post updates that are relevant and interesting to your page. Page updates that provide useful information are more likely to be “liked,” shared, and commented on, which increases the reach of your posts.
  • Sponsor your page. LinkedIn encourages new Showcase Pages to quickly increase their following by paying for targeted advertisements that lead people to your page. You can also sponsor specific updates that you post on your Showcase Page, which can both attract followers and drive traffic to your content.

Have you set up a Showcase Page for your product? How are you creating a community around your product?

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