How Your LinkedIn Profile Can Generate More Leads

    By Michelle Hummel | Small Business

    Plenty of businesses and marketers focus far more attention on Facebook and Twitter than they do LinkedIn. The main reason is they think the previous two sites are great places to generate leads, while LinkedIn is really just for people who want to network or find a new job. While Facebook and Twitter can definitely be great sources for generating leads, that doesn’t mean LinkedIn should be neglected. In fact, since it’s a very professional social network, it can be especially powerful for any B2B business.

    To see exactly how you can use LinkedIn to increase the number of leads you receive, let’s go over four examples right now:

    Brand Yourself Correctly

    It’s great that you own your business. However, when people are searching LinkedIn, they generally aren’t looking for business owners. Instead, they’re looking for an expert who can help them with a specific problem they’re facing. Because experts are whom leads want to connect with, you want to use language in your profile that brands you as an expert in your field.

    Provide a Reason to Click and Connect

    It can be helpful to think of your LinkedIn profile as a type of personal landing page. Since a landing page for any product or service with a persuasive call to action is going to perform much better than one without, it’s useful to apply the same concept to your profile. For example, instead of a profile saying the equivalent of “I’ve been an accountant for 16 years,” a much more compelling headline is “an accountant who helps businesses and investors experience growth and profits!”

    Focus on Their Needs

    Even though your LinkedIn profile is all about you, you want to write all the information from the perspective of what your skills and experience allow you to do for clients or customers. By focusing on the needs of the person reading your profile, you’ll greatly increase the likelihood of them actually reaching out to you instead of simply navigating to another profile.

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