The Likeability Factor

The Likeability Factor image Facebook Like Button Image e1360132157106The Likeability FactorMany people and companies have said that we do business with those we know, like and trust. The knowing part is pretty easy if we have met and been able to develop a relationship with someone. The trust part can come from recommendations from others or from actual experience with the person or company. But what about the “like” part of the equation?

Do you like everyone with whom you do business? Why do you like them? If you don’t like them, why do you do business with them? Is knowing and trusting enough, or must likeability be there as well? And if you like someone, will you do business with them even if you don’t really know them? Or if you don’t really trust them?

I submit that trust is the key factor here, given that knowing and liking (or not liking) typically must occur in order to have enough experience with someone to make a judgment about how trustworthy they are. So let’s just say that you know and trust someone who has a product or service that you need, want or desire. Let’s further say that you know and trust more than one person or company in this regard. Who will you choose to do business with?

Given that what you are buying is not a commodity where your only decision factor is price, what makes you choose one vendor over another? Is it their advertising, their social media presence, the ambiance of their brick and mortar store or their refund or exchange policy? Because somewhere in this equation when you make a decision it will depend on whether or not you really like the vendor. I know this for a fact because I’ve traveled farther and spent more money with someone I like instead of with someone I don’t.

There is even a website called that will give a score to your own likeability on Facebook. Its recommendations for me include:

  • Encourage your fans to like more posts.
  • Publish more photos.
  • Ask more questions to your fans.
  • Write shorter posts.
  • Encourage your fans to ask more questions for you to answer.

So here’s the deal. I hope you know me by now. I provide what I hope is good and valuable information via the website, the calendar, the resources and the newsletters. And I hope that you trust me because I think I’ve always provided accurate information and advice. So let me know if you actually like me or not by commenting on those recommendations.

If you’ll start by liking more of my posts, I’ll publish more photos, ask more questions, shorten my posts and continue to ask you to ask more questions of me.

Fair enough?

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