Lightweight bag enables washing on the go

Considering the long journeys many people in areas with poor access to water have to undergo every day, making the washing process easier could make a world of difference. The GiraDora is one recent innovation that has aimed take the pain out of non-electric washing, and now the Scrubba is an ultra-portable device that can clean clothes with minimal amounts of water.

The Scrubba is a wash bag made of lightweight material that can be folded and fitted into a large pocket. Several items of clothes can be washed in one go, using only a couple of liters of water and a small amount of soap. Users place the water, soap and clothes into the bag, seal it and firmly rub the device for around 20 or 30 seconds. The inside of the bag contains small nodules that help the cleaning process. Once the water is decanted, the clothes can be hung up to dry and another wash can be carried out. The Scrubba is designed for travelers – who could use the bag to avoid having to find and pay for a laundromat, while also lightning their load – but it is easy to see how those without electricity or abundant water supplies could also benefit. The video below shows the device in action:

The Scrubba is available to buy worldwide in black, red or blue for AUD 59.95. How else could daily activities be made easier for those with few resources?


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