Life In America: 1983 Vs. Today

    By Rob Punk | Small Business

    I was born in the 80s, however, being a kid I mostly witnessed 80s on the TV in the 90s. Life must have been quite different back then from what it is now. Being born in the 80s, I have personally seen and experienced so many changes as to how we live and communicate among many other things. Imagine this, there was no Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and blogs were non-existent. Think about it for a minute. What we take for granted today were things of luxury back in the day. Anyway, I will stop my rant and so you guys can take a look at this awesome infographic which shows the difference between today and 1983.

    Life In America: 1983 Vs. Today image americaLife In America: 1983 Vs. Today
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