Lessons from Steve Jobs

Lessons from Steve Jobs image 6218459362 29eafafe97 bLessons from Steve Jobs“Innovation has nothing to do with how many R&D dollars you have. It’s not about money. It’s about the people you have, how you’re led, and how much you get it.” — Steve Jobs

Since the announcement of his death, Steve Jobs has been called many things: an innovator, a technologist, an inspiration, a leader. The most valuable title? A teacher. In honor of Jobs, we’ve rounded up just a few of the posts that highlight the business and life lessons we can learn from his death, in turn keeping his legacy alive.

  • Eleven Life Lessons I Learned From Steve Jobs – “He’s been called the modern day Thomas Edison, the Beethoven of business, and the most prolific visionary since Henry Ford. Yet as Steve Jobs steps down from the helm of Apple, he has left us with so much more than incredible technology. For all us kids from 1 to 92, Jobs’s guiding principles can help us live our best life and make the biggest difference.”
  • Steve Jobs’ big lesson: ‘Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish’ – “For now, Jobs’ passing is garnering a bevy of statements—mostly canned like a lot of the stories tonight. But all you really need to know about Jobs and what he left behind can be found in his Stanford commencement speech from 2005. As you ponder Jobs it’s worth adapting some of these life lessons for your days ahead.”
  • Steve Jobs Thought Different – “Jobs legacy will be his impact on disrupting entire industries. …  He was not an inventor in the classic sense, tinkering with program code to create the Worldwide Web or tinfoil to reproduce sounds on a phonograph. Jobs was more of an orchestral conductor, assembling the people and pieces of existing and emerging technology to craft an object of desire that reflected his personal aesthetic and vision for how people and machines should interact. Steve Jobs thought different.”
  • Steve Jobs and the Power of Taking the Big Chance – “Steve Jobs, technologist and tastemaker of modern digital culture, described himself as a captain of product design, inspiring his teams of workers, as he once said, to go ‘beyond what anyone thought possible’ and to do ‘some great work, really great work that will go down in history.’ And he did, time and again.”
  • Five Business Lessons Learned from Steve Jobs – “A lot of people have said a lot of great things about Steve Jobs. And for good reason: he built the world’s second-most valuable company, with billions in profits and products that have improved every aspect of our lives. But Steve didn’t get there by being a soft, fluffy, Kumbaya-type leader. I know — I negotiated with him and believe me, he was absolutely relentless. He got there by living and breathing some fundamental, universal business truths.”

What were some of the most important lessons you learned from Jobs?

This post originated at Madison Electric Products.

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