What Leonardo DiCaprio Can Teach You About Content Marketing

    By Daniel Chioco | Small Business

    What Leonardo DiCaprio Can Teach You About Content Marketing image Leonardo DiCaprio Jim Beam Ad 300x196Leonardo DiCaprio Jim Beam AdLeonardo DiCaprio’s role in a new Jim Beam commercial is only 4 words long, yet its effectiveness is making waves in cyberspace. The commercial has made headlines on both Time Magazine and the Daily Mail. While DiCaprio continues growing his career and nurturing positive publicity, content creators can learn from his latest commercial about the power of brevity.


    We’ve all heard the classic phrase, “Keep it simple, stupid!” The K.I.S.S acronym has never been more crucial than 2013. It’s importance has grown because internet users:

    1. Have shorter attention spans
    2. Have a variety of resources to go to
    3. Are going mobile

    Content creators who stuff their writing with superfluous material don’t provide the most optimized content that they can. It’s tempting to inflate word counts for SEO purposes or to maintain a certain image, but brevity keeps content simple and easy to understand, thereby making it more effective.

    Going Mobile

    Concise content helps users who have gone mobile. Whether they’re on their smartphone or physically always on-the-go, mobile users want content that they can digest quickly. These users love content that can be summarized into bullet points so that they can quickly skim through it and pick up the basic concept of the piece.

    Since your content is now attracting mobile users, your potential reach is increased because of optimized content. Less clutter also helps search engine spiders as they index your site’s pages. This results in improved SEO for your content and website.

    Short Yet Effective

    If someone else had uttered Leonardo DiCaprio’s four words in the commercial, it probably wouldn’t have made the same impact. Likewise, content creators shouldn’t aim for brevity for the sake of brevity. Rather, focusing on clarity will naturally result in effective content.

    Effective content also helps with CTR, since readers will likely be your targeted audience. Your content will simply guide them through any calls-to-action. This isn’t to say that developed content is ineffective, but we must ensure that the words on our screen have a purpose!

    What strategies are you using to optimize your content? Do you think brevity is important?

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