LEGOs Are The Building Blocks Of Future Leaders

Maturation is a natural process for many, however something that few never fully achieve if you know what I man. Regardless of the age you act, as adults we have spent years unknowingly working on our development.

Half of the most essential years to our biological, psychological and emotional development occur between the ages of 1 week and 13 years old. It’s during these years we grow, we learn what to eat and what not to eat, we make friends and build social skills, and above all we begin to shape who we will become in the future.

LEGOs Are The Building Blocks Of Future Leaders image 275076 l srgb s gl 300x199LEGOs Are The Building Blocks Of Future LeadersThis is also the time when our parents, and the government, require us to go to school to
learn and develop our brains. As important as this is, it’s equally important for kids to learn outside of the classroom, and toys are the number one way.

Take for example the popular and colorful building blocks, LEGOs. Sure they’re entertaining, especially when your 4 year old is bored in the waiting room, but they actually are much more.

In Zach Evans Blog, he identifies 5 Lessons From Playing With LEGOs, they are as follows:

  • Creativity
  • Planning
  • Patience
  • Trial-and-Error
  • Cleaning Up

What’s most interesting to that list is that in a Fast Company article by Bill McBean where he identifies 5 Characteristics of Great Leaders:

  • Being flexible
  • Communication
  • Patience
  • Humility
  • Being Responsible

What’s more flexible than being creative? Innovative thinking requires a flexible perspective. Planning and communication go hand in hand, you need to talk, even to yourself, about the way you’re going to design a LEGO creation. Patience is a virtue and trial-and-error usually means you failed, but tried again. This requires humility, but perseverance. Cleaning up usually means you’re taking responsibility for your mess.

Toys are more than building blocks, they teach essential leadership skills. Without them, children might miss essential developmental steps which help create the future leaders of tomorrow. Hasbro, responsible for over 1,500 brands of toys and games for children all over, needs an efficient way to continue delivering a product that helps develop our youth. Check out how SAP helps them do this.

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