Learn a new hobby by subscription

New subscription services seem to be quickly matching every niche available, from coffee to tampons. Now Amabam is hoping to use the same business model to help people find their latest passion, with monthly hobby boxes that teach them new skills.

The service offers several series of ‘bamboxes’, which act as monthly courses for subscribers. Each box features a curated selection of products and materials that will aid customers in developing their skills – whether in bartending, comic book creation or stone carving. If users decide part way through a subscription run – which currently last between four or six months – that they’re not engrossed in the subject, they can switch onto a different series of bamboxes instead. Those completing a single series however, get to finish a final project that tests their newfound abilities.

Currently in beta, Amabam hopes to keep adding to its range of available courses. Are there any stones left unturned in the world of curated subscriptions?

Website: www.amabam.com
Contact: www.twitter.com/amabam

Spotted by: Murray Orange

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