Leadership Has Its Privileges

Leadership Has Its Privileges image Leadership By Example1Leadership Has Its Privileges

I’m grateful for the gift and privileges of leadership. Not for the reasons that a lot of people may think such as the power, authority, control or any of the things that are typically associated with being in a leadership position. Leadership has helped build my character, push me further and elevate my performance. What I’ve realized about effective leadership is that you truly do have to lead by example. You are responsible for the transformation and elevation of so many lives that it forces you to step up your own game and lead a more productive life.

I remember several years ago one of my colleagues mentioned to me that he noticed that I never cursed or used profane language no matter how frustrating or intense a situation may be. He noticed this to be true in or out of the office. He then began to stop cursing whenever he was around me. He then challenged himself to stop (or at least minimize) his use of profane language altogether. This was a reminder that as leaders we are always being watched; whether we know it or not. Scenarios like this have emerged numerous times over the years for me and other leaders that I know, where people have shared how they have been influenced from afar by a leaders choices, behaviors and habits.

The fact that, as leaders, we are always being held to a standard of excellence is a great motivator. This played itself out for me this morning in the gym. I have a routine that I have committed myself to and there are people in my circle who know that about me. I reached a certain point in my run this morning where I got tired and simply felt like stopping. I was running alone this morning and probably could have stopped and no one would have known. Thinking about those that draw inspiration from my commitment and dedication is what helped push me. I considered that there may be someone watching me from afar during my “4 Mile Monday” that is forming their habits based on my example. The flip side of that is those that are watching from afar waiting for me to slip and use that as “I told you so” ammunition. Either way it served me well. It helped push me and motivate me to do better, push harder and last longer.

3 Often missed Privileges of Leadership:

  1. You become Bionic – Just like Steve Austin (not the wrestler) you become bigger, better, stronger and faster because of the standard and example you need to maintain. (my under 30 crew – watch this video)
  2. You become Optimus Prime – You are the ultimate Transformer. You become even more multifaceted and/or stregnthen your already strong multifacetedness. You also transform the lives of people that you may never even meet or know.
  3. You become Balanced – The standard that you set requires consistency in all that you do. Your leadership habits naturally translate into all areas of your life. You realize the need and desire to exercise and strengthen your mind, body and soul.

Example isn’t another way to teach, it is the only way to teach. ~ Albert Einstein... #NoShortcuts

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