Lead Generation Ideas

    By Zsolt Bicskey | Small Business

    Lead Generation Ideas image lead generation ideas 300x199Lead Generation IdeasLead generation can be described as the concept of attracting new potential clients and then drawing them in until they are sold on your product or service. For a lot of businesses, this is a difficult concept, but it isn’t always the business’ fault. Here are some lead generation ideas for you.

    It’s YOUR time

    It’s easy to come up with a good idea. What separates people that make it from people that don’t is the successful ones let people know what they invented is worthwhile. The same goes with trying to attract potential businesses.

    People will remember your business if you make the right first impression. In the modern day, that is most likely not in person. The first impression of your business is most likely on your website or blog. This means that a large aspect of securing leads and boosting clientele happens without you physically being able to do anything about it, right? Wrong.

    Having a well put together website says more about you than any pitch you could give to someone. A nice picture, easy to navigate links, open direct content and a user friendly website gives the indication that your business is geared toward the clients and making sure they feel comfortable in their decision to choose your business.

    With the growing use of technology, the role of the provider has changed. It has gone from trying to sell clients on something to letting the potential client know that your business has the ability to cater their needs. It’s all about versatility. It is good for a product to specialize in something, but being able to deal with various clients’ needs will boost the comfort level among your clients.

    Strut Your Stuff

    When people search for something on Google, it isn’t very often that they use one or two words in their search. When you don’t know how to properly cook a turkey on Thanksgiving, you don’t simply search “Thanksgiving turkey,” the results would be entirely too broad. Instead, you might use a key word or two that indicates what aspects of the Thanksgiving turkey you would like search. For example, you would most likely search, “how to cook a Thanksgiving turkey.” The same concept applies when attracting attention to your website’s content.

    Your business could have the best laid out website available but if it is on page 7 of the search then people are not going to see it. Using the proper key words on your blog post or website will allow your content to be seen by the people who need it most.

    In order to decide which words in your post are actually key words, keep in mind what the point of your post is. Be careful not to simply choose words that are general to your topic. Instead, choose words or small phrases that give a little bit of insight about what your business does or what you can do for people.

    Let’s go back to the turkey example; it could be helpful to include keywords in your turkey-cooking article such as “Thanksgiving dinner tips” or just simply “Thanksgiving.”

    Being aware as to when and how your product or service will be used by clients will allow you to come up with better keywords and phrases, which will help the quality of your content shine through and attract new clientele.

    There is a ME in TEAM

    The process of beefing up one’s website and attracting new customers online can be an unknown language to some business owners, but with newfound marketing software and websites such as HubSpot (we are certified partner) easily available in addition to traditional outsourcing, boosting a business’ reputation is as simple as ever.

    Hiring a small group of workers or being more active on social networks such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn can vastly improves one’s business and attract new clients that are not only interested in using your good acquiring your service, but have the ability to help boost your business even more.

    The best way to build your business is to get involved with other people’s business. Being nosey shows you acknowledge other people’s products and versatility shows you are able to handle whatever task your client can throw at you.

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