Law Firms: Turn Clients Into Recurring Business with Voice-Based Marketing Automation

Law Firms: Turn Clients Into Recurring Business with Voice Based Marketing Automation image iStock 000016406958XSmallLaw Firms: Turn Clients Into Recurring Business with Voice Based Marketing AutomationThe legal industry has become extremely competitive due to the hard hit many law firms took during the recent recession. Turning clients into lifelong customers is one way lucrative firms maintain a profitable law practice. Since acquiring new clients requires some spending on your part (i.e., your advertising and marketing budget), it is extremely valuable for your practice to turn clients into repeat customers to keep your costs low.

Using voice broadcasting you can connect with clients and turn them into repeat customers by sending out promotional calls that offer client discounts or monthly specials. For example, “Free one-hour estate planning consultation for clients. A $300 value.” Providing clients with incentive to return to your practice is an effective way to increase revenue without increasing your spending.

You can even integrate voice broadcasting with your firm’s CRM and the phone calls will automatically go out to new clients based on schedules or events that you define. With this integration you can set up a phone call to go out to clients three days after their first consultation, offering them a discounted hourly rate for their next consultation if they book an appointment now. Then you can have their call transferred to a live agent to book their appointment immediately at the discounted rate.

Many firms have implemented voice-based marketing automation to help grow their practice without increasing spending. Along with voice broadcasting, other voice-based marketing automation technologies such as call tracking and IVR are being used to help law practices:

  1. Spend marketing budgets wisely on adverting that actually generates new clients
  2. Route client phone calls quickly and appropriately
  3. Collect owed money from past clients

To learn more on how law firms are using voice-based marketing automation to accomplish these tasks, download “Three Ways Lawyers Use the Phone to Grow Their Practice” now.

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