Landing Pages: 5 Points to Remember for More Conversions

Landing Pages: 5 Points to Remember for More Conversions image 5227436224 aa52b49262 mLanding Pages: 5 Points to Remember for More ConversionsAs I’ve said before, landing pages are important to your marketing mix. To truly convert your audience and get them into your funnel, you need to use a landing page. Done right, they will be a primary tool in your conversion toolbox. Now, yes, done right, they convert like crazy and get you more leads, but done wrong, you’re wasting a lot of effort on a little return.

From different clients and others I’ve seen on the web, there are many who understand how landing pages work, but don’t always do it right. Now I’ve been a part of many a project where I’ve built and even improved failing pages. Every time I have a set of questions, a checklist if you will, to go through to ensure the page is optimized correctly.

Let’s take a look at 5 of those points and see why each is important to conversion optimization for landing pages.

  1. Are you focusing on one thing? When it comes to conversion optimization for landing pages, it’s best to focus on one thing. That means removing distractions like navigation, links, etc and only focus your efforts on one thing: converting that person into a lead.
  2. Does your headline include benefits? Now one of the marks of a good headline sometimes includes benefits. Don’t try too hard, but remember why someone will look at your landing page – your headline.
  3. Do you use bullets to spell out the benefits? When it comes to readability, you need to use bullets to highlight the benefits of your offering. Try to get 3 -4 of them on the page and really bring out the benefits in each one.
  4. Is your landing page message clear? Think of it this way, if you had only a few seconds to convince someone to convert, would your message do it? If not, it’s time to check your messaging.
  5. Does your CTA stand out? When it comes to the closer or the punch that’s going to convert your reader, you better make sure it stands out. That means you need to emphasis it with different coloring, bolding, background…basically anything to make it stand out and bring home that conversion.

Again, these are only 5 of the questions I go through when it comes to building out landing pages. It’s a good idea to put together your own checklist to go through when you build out landing pages to improve your conversions.

What would you add to your own landing page checklist?

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