Lacking Clouding Innovations Will Plummet Productivity

    By Dave Klawinski | Small Business

    For every mega corp there are hundreds of small businesses owned, managed and run by individuals, alone or with minimal assistance. Medium and large enterprises have moved from networked environments to private and public cloud services. Small businessmen have a tight control over all aspects of their business from manufacturing to purchase to sales and communications. They wish to grow but that would mean more investment in manpower and IT infrastructure as well as specialized apps to suit their line of business model. The cloud, for them, is a nebulous concept.  But in order to begin, one must have training in software engineering.

    Software engineering is one of the fastest growing fields in the United States today. Much of this growth is driven by the increasing popularity of mobile apps, the exponential growth of the use of electronic health records and other software in the healthcare professions, as well as the need for more robust cybersecurity. While the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics forecasts the demand for software developers to increase by 30 percent during the next decade, many aspiring software developers who have recently graduated have had difficulty finding work in the software development field.  From here, you can learn specifically about cloud computing.

    Cloud Computing- A Grand Idea

    There are two insidious cost myths about cloud computing, and they’re opposites: that the cloud costs far less than traditional IT infrastructure, and that it costs far more. Ask a few IT pros about the cloud, and chances are you won’t get the same answer from every one. Newer admins might cite public clouds as the way forward, while those of the old guard might grump about the infiltration of consumerization – tablets and smartphones, especially – in their workplace. But a few communal worries emerge: cloud computing costs more than providers claim, and broad adoption will steal IT jobs.

    Technology is an ever-growing field that expands into almost every aspect of our lives.  It is so expansive it can be hard to stay on top of the latest and greatest innovations. However, staying on top of such things can be vital to the success of any company, especially when mulling over cloud computing, them mixing Analytics into the pot.

    Google Analytics Knows Clouds

    Businesses today need every advantage they can get to start and stay competitive. To that end, many IT solutions are designed to help manage everything from data to advertising and marketing statistics. With businesses, it is really all about numbers. For example, how much capital exists and how much revenue is coming in. For online marketing, businesses need to know how much traffic is coming in from websites and where it is coming from.

    Cloud Is Changing The World

    The future is here and with it comes all the technology that you could ever have dreamt of, from wireless Internet to Smart Connect TV’s and cameras that connect wirelessly, uploading your photographs instantly online to exploring social media sites on the latest laptops. In the same way social media is changing the way people network online, cloud storage from companies like Cloudflare and Exosite is changing digital communications. Today, every forward-thinking business wanting to strategically place themselves at the forefront of their niche will require similarly progressive business technologies like VoIP phone services to provide them with a competitive advantage.

    It’s no surprise that we’re living in a digital world, and the non-stop use that technology plays in our lives makes it an ever-increasing hot commodity. Guys like Exosite CEO Hans Rempel pave the way for us to be more comfortable using further technological advances in our everyday lives by providing the ‘Internet of Things’ which moves us into each generation of tech advancements: thus, enter the cloud.

    The role that cloud computing plays in our lives both personally and professionally is steadily increasing. The cloud is quickly-becoming a convenient means of storing files and critical information, knowing they are stored safely in the protection of the Internet and can be accessed anytime, anywhere.

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