Do You Know How To Hire Skilled Employees?

Do You Know How To Hire Skilled Employees? image skilledempployees2Do You Know How To Hire Skilled Employees?

Is your company looking to hire a new employee? And out of all your recent applicants, do you wonder why the skilled, experienced employee is hard to find? This may be because you are doing a two important things wrong:

1. Social Media as a headhunting tool

Finding skilled new employees entails a different process compared to how it was years ago, in as much the same way that finding qualified business leads has been changed by social media. Previously, when your company needs a position filled, you go to headhunters for help. But even these companies have been spoiled by fraud and profit-seeking opportunists.

For all intents and purposes, it would be much safer to do the head hunting yourself. This is where social media comes in, with much help from your existing employees. Aside from b2b lead generation, social media is also an effective channel for finding skilled workers. You can ask your employees to post job openings on their personal Facebook or LinkedIn accounts. Why do this when you can post on job sites? Simply because those sites are already saturated with other job offers similar to yours. When you want to stand out and have people finding you, use the channels that job hunting people trust, their friends. When jobs are referred by friends who are already working in the same company, they can be sure that they are dealing with a real entity, not just another job offer scam. You can even ask your employees to refer your company to skilled people they know who are employed yet looking for better opportunities. But using this tactic requires a certain input from your company that is essential…

2. Market your company culture

How do you describe your company culture? Is it healthy, with significant benefits available for your employees? Do your employees get bonuses whenever they close a sale with a sales lead or find qualified business leads?

If you want to attract skilled workers (who are usually already employed), you need to offer more than just the usual high paying job. Company culture is becoming an increasingly important factor when choosing a company to work for, what with all the highly publicized life that Googlers lead inside the Googleplex. Though providing a similar work environment can be difficult for most, you can still offer at least a fraction of the benefits that these Googlers enjoy. Providing sleeping areas and lounges where stressed employees can relax is a popular trend with BPO companies and some telemarketing firms. Aside from these, company benefits such as meals and health insurance are good motivators.

If your company offers benefits that are obviously lacking from your competitors, that skilled worker will surely consider working in your company. Add to that the fact that your company is referred by his friend, then your chances of hiring him go much higher.

When you think about it, finding skilled employees is just as challenging as finding business leads. By using the appropriate methods, you are sure to get the assets that your company needs, whether it be business leads or skilled employees.

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