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Know Your Business: Provide Valuable Information image ID 10076372Know Your Business: Provide Valuable InformationSocial Media | Digital Technology- You need to engage and understand your clients’ needs. Have you heard this phrase? For me, I think we are actually moving on to the next “trending topic in marketing”. I think the next movement will be all about having conversations at a more meaningful level then just engaging. Let me get into this a little more with this post. Today, almost all sales people bring their iPads or personal devices to get the information to us in a digital format. We are trying to quickly integrate social media and digital technology into our proceses.

It is also apparent that clients and customers may know our products and services better then we do. They can do their research and get up to speed very quickly. All of us are doing a bit more homework with respect to purchases we make. This information can be very valuable, especially where negotiations are involved. I really think what this means is that people are already informed and are close to making a purchase decision. This presents some interesting challenges.

Now, more than ever we really need to understand our products and services better than ever. People are checking us out to see if we really understand our own business. This means that all of us need to be closer to our own processes and insure that we are meeting the needs of our clients.

Also, and probably more important, we all need to listen more and provide our clients with “VALUABLE INFORMATION” that they may not be able to find online or that “ADDITIONAL PIECE OF INFORMATION” they might be missing from their research. This is really the key to being a leader in your particular industry.

Make sure you, as a business owner, client service representative, manager, line worker are always listening to your client’s needs and informing your co-workers of information that will differentiate you from your competitors. All of us need to move on from learning the basics of digital technology and social media platforms and return to really knowing what our company offerings are and how we need to continue to get better and refine our deliverables to keep our current clients and gain new clients.

Let me know what you think about this way of thinking. Are you currently doing this and if so, what type of success are you seeing in your business?

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