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    By Tasha Galloway | Small Business

    New Kindle Fire HDX image 400px WikiCommons Kindle Fire 1446 200x300New Kindle Fire HDXWe are a part of a digital age and for a while now, millions of people have been reading books on different kinds of e-readers. The top competitors are Amazon’s Kindle, Barnes &Noble’s Nook, and Apple’s Ipad. Wednesday, Amazon announced the release of the newest Kindle: Kindle Fire HDX. This is the third generation of Kindles. The first was just the Kindle, then Kindle Fire, and now Kindle Fire HDX. Buyers can choose between an 8.9-inch for $329, 7-inch for 229, or a lower end Kindle Fire HD for $139.

    The technology for the Kindle Fire HDX has improved from the previous model because this one has faster hardware, improved software, better screens, and a new look. The screens have higher quality and higher resolution to allow users to watch movies and read books easier. The 8.9-inch has 339 pixels per square inch with 2560-by-1600 resolution and the 7-inch has 1920-by-1200 with 323 pixels per square inch. This is all a fancy way of saying that everything can be seen more clearly, the colors are accurate, and the screen can adjust the contrast based on the amount of ambient light. Since this tablet is faster, there shouldn’t be much of a delay when navigating through menus, using apps, or enjoying books and movies. Also, since a lot of people like to take photos with their tablets, Amazon has added an 8-megapixel camera.

    The new Kindle also has a tech support option. When first starting up the tablet, a box will pop up on the screen with a virtual human Amazon customer-support representative who can walk the user through the features of the tablet and talk them through simple questions. To make it even easier, the representative will draw arrows and circles while explaining so the user fully understands different features. There are also several more new and fun features. No matter which of the three you choose, whether it is the simple one or the 8.9-inch screen, they all contain the same features and are great tools and fun to use.

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