Kick-Ass Strategies to Get More People to Attend Your Webinars

Kick Ass Strategies to Get More People to Attend Your Webinars image webinar 300x225Kick Ass Strategies to Get More People to Attend Your WebinarsA problem with webinars is that a lot of the people who sign-up to attend them simply don’t attend. What can be done to get more people to show up for a webinar?

Business webinars can be a tricky. So often a business sets-up this extravagant webinar with tons of information and research, and only a few individuals actually attend. What gives? Well, it turns out there are a number of reasons why people who sign-up for a webinar don’t show up. Dull content and lousy sales pitches are two big reasons for this. If your topic seems boring, then your webinar will be assumed to be boring too. And, even though people said, “Yeah I’ll be there, this looks interesting”, many will lose interest.

But all is not lost. Here are a couple of sure-fire strategies to make your webinar active and successful.

Make your topic exciting. That’s right, make your topic seem very exciting and a huge opportunity that people will not want to miss. Never underestimate how important creating excitement is for getting people to sign-up and actually attend your webinar. It’s like the title of a book, movie or article. You want it to be intriguing and get people excited about it. It should make people want to learn more. Since since you hold all the valuable information they cannot live without, they should be motivated to attend.

Build anticipation. Now that you have an exciting topic to cover, you can move on to promoting it on social networks, your website, your blog, your videos, and your newsletters. Promote the hell out of it! This will prove you are invested in the topic and plan on providing unique and very high quality information they have not yet seen and desperately need.

Choose the right time. According to a poll taken by, the best day and time for webinars is on Wednesdays or Thursdays in the early afternoon. However, if your audience is from all over the world, try to work out a time for them that compromises well for everyone. Or, hold multiple showings of your webinar so people in different times zones throughout the world can attend. Obviously very few people will attend your webinar if you choose a time that is very early in the morning or late at night in the time zones you are presenting to.

Promote the hell out of it on social media. Yes, we mentioned this earlier but it is so important that we are repeating it. The people you invite to your webinar will more than likely be connected to your social media so use social media to promote your webinar. Remind people when it will take place, send links to your website, and provide hints to the exciting and valuable information you will discuss. This helps to both serve as a reminder for when your webinar is and also gets people excited about it.

Send reminders. Once you have gotten people to sign-up for your webinar, you will need to remind them of the time and place. Include your personal email and any technical information that might be necessary for them to know in order to be able to attend your webinar. You want the webinar to be as clear and as easy to understand as possible, so don’t let technical hang-ups get in your way.

Webinars can be successful if you take the time to follow the steps outlined above, and remember that ultimately whether or not people follow through and attend your webinar depends solely on you. Make it your focus to provide a valuable content-rich webinar and promote it like crazy and a lot more people will show up, guaranteed.

Co-written by Peter Geisheker and Alanna Monical
The blog post has been republished from The Geisheker Group Marketing Blog

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