The Key to Having your Mailing Hit In-Home Dates Every Time

If you have had experience in putting together a direct mail campaign for your business you know just how much time and money is put into getting your piece just right. After everything has been designed and you have made preparations to be able to handle the spike in business, it all comes down to being able to count on having your mailing in customers’ mailboxes on the date you have planned for.

Many companies are choosing mail houses who offer as much as possible under one roof to execute their direct mail campaigns. Having everything from printing, labeling and sorting all in one place will be not only cost effective but provide more accuracy and overall control of your mailing. But, what most companies don’t realize is that when choosing a mail house the entry point at which their mailing is sent can make all of the difference.

The Key to Having your Mailing Hit In Home Dates Every Time image clocks low 2b70e15abfdf8aa5ba6af9d1d4af9035 300x171The Key to Having your Mailing Hit In Home Dates Every Time

Most commonly you will find that most mail houses use BMEU (Business Mail Entry Unit) to send mail, which if you are unfamiliar with this process it consists of your mailing having to do a lot of traveling. From the mail house it is brought to the BMEU and then to the SCF (Sectional Center Facility) for sorting and processing. Your mailing is then brought to the DDU (Destination Delivery Unit or local post offices) and then finally, it makes it to your customers’ mailboxes. With all of these steps in the mailing process it’s no surprise that mail houses using BMEU entry have less control over your mailing, leaving more room for error. Errors that could lead to missed in-home dates leaving you with wasted costs on inventory and staffing preparations you had made.

What if there was a way to skip the steps and be confident in your in hitting your in-home dates? With DDU entry it is possible. Mail houses that use the DDU entry process have the ability to manually sort your mailing in house and ship directly to the local post offices, avoiding all of the other steps. This process along with close communication with Post Masters allows for full control and tracking of your mailing, ensuring that when you plan for your mailing to hit it will.

Companies like Deliver Media in Tampa , FL realize that DDU entry provides a huge advantage for businesses, especially those in the restaurant industries who count on getting their mailing to customers’ on a specific date. This avoids wasting any costs on food spoilage and staffing. The ability to full track the mailing right up to the local post office provides a peace of mind for businesses, ensuring that their mail will meet their in-home date for that upcoming weekend sale they have been planning.

Next time you have to determine who you want to mail the campaign you have worked hard on preparing, consider a mail house that can not only take care of as much of your campaign as possible but also offers DDU entry. You will have more confidence in knowing that your mailing will be hitting customers’ mailboxes on its scheduled in-home dates.

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