The Key Element to Generate More Money From Your Blog Without Spamming

Do you see how most of the popular blogs are free of ads, yet they make six figures online?

Do you see how Jon Morrow doesn’t have any ads on his blog, Boost Blog Traffic? He doesn’t mention any of his products on the sidebar or create a post launching them.

Check out Boost Blog Traffic and Social Triggers by Derek Halpern to know what I mean.

The real truth is they have products and they get a lot of money without even telling people about it on their blog.

And all this because they have highly engaged email subscribers that can make them the money they want without the need to publish ads on their blogs.

Jon Morrow announced in one of his latest posts  that his blog earned 500,000$ in its first year.

All this was based on highly engaged email subscribers who were waiting for any email he sent.

But those are Derek Halpern and Jon Morrow! I can’t be like them.

Yes, maybe they are famous nowadays, but were they famous when they first started? They did a lot of hard work.

Do you know that Derek started Social Triggers in 2011? Yes, and he makes all that sum of money.

And you can really do all this.

Warning: This isn’t easy stuff. Yes, it needs time and hard work. But I will try to help you as much as I can today, so you can earn six figures like them.

Let’s start with the awesome stuff.

1- Choose a high quality email marketing software:

To start using email marketing, you must have a high quality email marketing software. You must have one that enables you to create autoresponders that makes your email not marked as spam and so on.

There are many out there, but the one that I really recommend is Aweber. Also, I see that many use Mailchimp and are getting a response. But I personally recommend Aweber.

2- Create a high quality lead magnet:

Lead magnet is a file that you can give to your email subscribers after you subscribe.

It can be like a bribe to make people subscribe to your blog. It can be an ebook, video, webinar, seminar and so on.

This is the first impression between you and your subscriber. So, try to leave good impressions, so that your emails will be opened after that.

Also: care about your headline, so that it can really make people read it. To write a better headline, cheat any of the proven structures that Jon Morrow had collected in his ebook, Headline Hacks. Yes, this is his lead magnet; did you see how it’s of high quality?

3- Create a series of emails to send to your subscribers:

Now, create a series of emails about any important subject in your niche. It would be better if the subject of the emails were related to your lead magnet.

But why create this series?

The reason why you should create a series is because this helps you build a relationship with your awesome subscribers.

When should you schedule these emails?

The best-proven way is to schedule 6-9 emails to be sent every 2 days.

After that, schedule another 4-8 emails to be sent every 3 or 4 days.

Then schedule 4+ emails to be sent every 5 days.

After your reader completes this series, you will have a great relationship with them. You will at least be able to make them open your emails because they already love you.

This idea was inspired by KissMetrics’ post: How to Make Your Email Open and Click-Through Rates Skyrocket by Mauro D’Andrea. But I just left my touch on it.

4- Place the widget on the right places:

You have everything ready for you. Now, you need to start placing your widget on the right places that can attract you more and more subscribers.

Of course, you hear daily that you should place it on your sidebar. Yes, it gives you a great opportunity, but you need to get more subscribers.

So let’s see some of the places that can help you get more subscribers:

  • Popup forms: The best thing about it is that your readers will care more about subscribing. It helps your form stand out from the crowd. That’s why it’s very good to start using it.
  • After every post: If your reader reads the post to the end, then he liked your content and maybe he is interested in subscribing. So this is the right time to ask them to do so.
  • At the footer of your blog: It’s the same as after every post, but if they continue to read to their way down, then they are more interested. So, don’t let them go away without getting them to subscribe to your blog.
  • Top Bar: Did you check ProBlogger’s great bar at the top? I am sure it had attracted your attention before, and maybe you bought one of their ebooks because of this. You can use it to link to a landing page (the next step) that had your form, and you will get a lot of subscribers.

If you want, you can check this post to learn more ways:  5 Unusual But Important Places to Add Subscription Box

5- Create a landing page:

Placing widgets on the right places is great, but what you really want is more subscribers. Sidebars always convert between 5-10%, maybe less. So if you get 1000 visitors, you will get between 50-100 subscribers, and maybe less.

Of course, you want to increase this percentage. You want to make it more than 50%.

By creating a landing page that is well designed and captivates your readers, you can make that percentage to 70%. So if you get 1000 visitors, you will get 700 subscribers.

There is a great difference between 700 subscribers and 100 subscribers.

So, create a landing page that you will use to get the highest rate of subscriptions.

If you are still struggling to write the words, check the landing pages in your niche. Get inspiration or even cheat the structure from them. You will have a great landing page that will get you more subscribers.

6- Promote the landing page:

Now, your landing page is ready. It’s time to start promoting it.

Here are some ways to start promoting your page:

  • Add it to your email signature.
  • Add a link to it after your subscription box on any place, especially the sidebar.
  • Include the link in your bio while you guest blog.
  • Add it in every place you can.

7- Pitch them your products:

Now, you have an audience that wants your products.

Create a webinar. Invite them to join it. Teach them a lot. And then pitch them your product’s benefits.

Try to hook them to signup.

But don’t annoy them.

Last words:

Now you have the way to build an online business that can make you a lot of money. Take action now. Start applying the tips, and tell me what frustrates you most.

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