Keeping Up With Paid Search: Review Extensions

Back in October, Google rolled out third-party review extensions to all advertisers, releasing it from beta. These extensions serve to provide advertisers with the ability to show potential users endorsements from reputable publications. Within the Google AdWords online interface these are now accessible under the Ad Extensions tab.

Google gives an advertiser the opportunity to highlight these endorsements either with a paraphrased or exact quote accompanied with the original publication.

Keeping Up With Paid Search: Review Extensions image Review ExtensionsKeeping Up With Paid Search: Review Extensions

What’s the Benefit?

Review extensions offer brands another avenue to differentiate their paid search ads from competitors in a crowded vertical. According to Google, on average, accounts within the beta saw roughly a 10% lift in click-thru rate as compared to ads without the extensions. In theory, the review extensions serve as a trust signal to users, as the ability to include such reviews from highly reputable sources allows marketers to influence the potential users’ view of their particular product or service.

Who Should Consider Review Extensions?

Looking into the possibilities of review extensions, certain verticals that are highly publicized with accolades and recognition should be the first to jump at the bit. A few that come to mind:

  • Food and Beverage – if your restaurant or bar wins a local publication award for Best Food/Drink, this becomes an opening to differentiate yourself from competitors within the paid search landscape
  • Travel & Tourism – if your hotel, accommodations group or city makes a publication’s Best Places to Visit list, this is an opportunity to showcase that accolade within a paid search text ad

Review Extension Considerations

A couple of parameters that Google wants you to remember when utilizing review extensions:

  1. A review cannot be a user comment or customer review, it must come from a reputable publication
  2. A review cannot be older than 12 months
  3. A review must be written and hosted on a 3rd party site

Google continues to offer advertisers the ability to present the user with more relevant information, ultimately enhancing the user experience; review extensions are yet another way for advertisers to differentiate themselves within the paid search landscape. Make sure to check our review extensions and see if they can benefit your paid search campaigns.

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