Justin Bieber Changes His Name to “Justin ‘Bizzle’ Bieber” On Instagram

    By James Kosur | Small Business

    Justin Bieber is now going by the name rap-inspired name Bizzle, at least, that is the singer’s choice on Instagram. Several fans announced the singers name change and Bieber followed up their announcements with acknowledgment of their posts.

    Bieber officially changed his Instagram name on February 8. He followed up the name change with several pictures that included rappers Diddy, Rick Ross, and TI.

    We can’t say we are exactly surprised by the shift, Justin Bieber was brought up in the industry by Usher. That R&B singer was of course groomed by P. Diddy and a bevy of other R&B and Rap artists.

    Could Justin Bieber have chosen a worse name than Bizzle? We don’t think so. That is the same name as a slain Miami rapper and a Christian rapper who recently recorded an anti-gay version of Mackelmore’s hit track “Same Love.”

    Do you think Justin Bieber’s name change to Bizzle is silly or a great way to re-market his former “good boy” image. An image that is long gone.

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