Jobs For 2013

While looking for a job I decided to take the route of looking for jobs in fields that are on the rise. With so many companies downsizing it seems like the most important decision I’ll make after graduating is choosing the proper job that can grow in the competitive world. Here are a few areas that are said to be growing in the next few years:

Online Advertising: With more companies online than ever before, most online businesses have found that the best way to make money is by advertising on their websites. Last year, AOL decided to rework their company and one of their main objectives was to get online advertising. Ecommerce will continue to flourish and having experience with online advertising will be beneficial to any company.

Actuary: With all the economic problems that have come up in the past couple of years, having someone who can show the financial impact of risk and uncertainty and give a statistical analysis of a company’s financials is now in demand. With so much uncertainty in the future of business, an actuary can help companies avoid financial loss, which is an asset every company needs in today’s economy.

Data Managers: Everything is run on data from social networking sites to transactions, and the amount of data shared continues to grow faster than ever. As a data manager, knowing how to use this information efficiently and effectively can improve companies’ abilities to navigate in the online world. The future of online data will continue to expand and at a rapid pace and having a data manager is something a company needs to keep up.

Research and Design Manager: In the past few years’ innovation has become a must for companies to stay competitive and help to continue to grow their brand equity. Having a design and research manager gives a company the ability to add uniqueness to their brand and also innovate further. With everyone looking for “the next big thing” more companies are willing to invest in research and design to try and stay ahead of the curve.

These are just a few jobs that will see growth in the next few years, but there are many other fields that are continuing to grow, what are some jobs that you know of that will be able to compete in today’s business world?

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