Job Interviews: Change Your Mindset And Change Your Results

    By Abby Locke | Small Business

    Job Interviews: Change Your Mindset And Change Your Results image Job Interviews Change Your Mindset And Change Your Results 300x219Job Interviews: Change Your Mindset and Change Your ResultAsk the average person if they love the interviewing process and you will get a mixed bag of answers.

    Some people hate the job search process, but feel comfortable and confident in interviews and others feel uncomfortable selling themselves and would rather be hired on the qualifications and merit.

    Well, the reality is that no matter how highly qualified, excited and passionate you are about your industry, you will have to go through several rounds of interviews before landing a job.

    When you are early in the job search process, it’s easy to stay optimistic and excited about upcoming interviews, but 3 to 6 months later, interviews can easily become a chore.

    How about going into your next interview with a completely different mindset?

    Instead of seeing it as a job interview (even though it is), consider it to be on open conversation and discussion about the position is the right fit for your career goals. Remember you have to interview them as much as they interview you.

    When you think about the worst job you ever had or the worst company environment you experienced in your career, what information would you need to avoid a career situation like that again?

    At the end of the day, it is really about the right fit for both sides. You will not be productive, intellectually stimulated or creative in an environment that saps your energy, goes against your values, and disrupts your personal interests.

    So, when you are asked in an interview if you have questions – please, please say yes! The same amount of time you spend preparing to answer questions should be put into preparing questions to ask – what do you want to know about the company, what things are going to be a deal maker or deal breaker for you you? Determine that ahead of time.

    Here are some great questions to consider:

    1. What do you see ahead for your company in the next five years and what can you tell me about your new product or plans for growth?

    2. Why is this position open and how many persons have held it in the past 12 months? (If more than two, run!!)

    3. How will my performance be evaluated – on annual revenues, market growth, cost savings, team performance, etc?

    4. What have you observed to be important strengths, skills, and qualifications in order for someone in this position to succeed?

    5. What are some of the greatest challenges that the company/division is facing internally right now?

    6. Can you tell me about the most critical projects that your team is handling at the moment?

    7. Will it be possible to meet other members of the team to learn more about the company’s culture and working environment?

    8. Are there sufficient growth opportunities and chances to get involved in projects or initiatives outside the scope of the job?

    9.What are the top 3 achievements or solutions you would like to see happen through this position in the first 90 days?

    What other “dig-deep” interview questions can you come up with to help you make the best solution for your career? Start changing the way you interview today!

    Thanks xianrendujia for the photo via flickr

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