From Japan, ‘breathing’ toy lulls kids to sleep

Kids have so much energy that sometimes it can be hard to calm them down. We recently saw a dentist in Indonesia use a musical drill to relax children undergoing dental treatment, and now the Hug and Dream Minnie Mouse toy from Japan is hoping to lull kids to sleep by simulating breathing patterns.

Created by Takara Tomy in collaboration with cognitive and respiratory researchers at the Showa University School of Medicine, the toy features a mechanism which gives the impression that the Minnie Mouse is peacefully sleeping. By holding on to the toy when it is time for bed, the slow and rhythmic movement encourages the child to similarly drift off. The toy also uses browns and purples – as opposed to the iconic red and black of the Disney character – in order to further calm kids down. The toy will be made available worldwide from Japan Trend Shop on 1 November and is ready to preorder at USD 85.

Given children’s attachment to their toys, the Hug and Dream Minnie Mouse could prove effective when it comes to bedtime. How else can toys be adapted to help kids to learn?


Spotted by: Murray Orange

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