From Italy, eco-friendly paper replaces tree pulp with fruit and nuts

Businesses looking for eco-friendly notepads can already go to Pinball Publishing’s ScoutBooks, which are also fully customizable. However, Italy-based stationery firm Favini has taken the eco mindset one step further and has now created Crush – a paper stock designed for publications and packaging that uses organic materials in place of tree pulp.

After taking the company 18 months to develop, around 15 percent of virgin tree pulp used in the Crush paper stock is saved by mixing in other organic materials such as corn, orange, kiwi, olive, almond, hazelnut and coffee beans, which are more easily renewed than whole trees. In total, some 30 percent of the stock is comprised of post-consumer waste. The use of such ingredients gives the paper its range of colors, as well as a slightly flecked texture. The stock has been tested for major print projects and – according to Favini – works well for numerous applications, from corporate brochures to product packaging.

For businesses or publishers aiming to cut down their carbon footprint when embarking on a major printing project, Crush could help them do so while providing a unique material to work with.


Spotted by: Alexia M

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