New iPhone 6 images show off potentially all-new design

    By Hossam Ali | Small Business

    Like the design of the iPhone 5s? Sadly you could be in for a shock if these supposed iPhone 6 images are anything to go on

    With iPhone 6 rumours slowly building up to an unbearable level these latest images might just be a ray of sunshine in among the ocean of patent requests and leaked screenshots. The images come courtesy of Italian website and show what is reportedly an iPhone 6 dummy unit up against an iPhone 5s for comparison. Of course the first thing you'll notice is the design - It would appear as though Apple has dropped the flat edges of the iPhone 5s instead opting for a rounded metallic back.

    Secondly there's the size. This is a much bigger phone with the dummy unit showing a 4.7-inch screen size which would certainly ring true with the wave of other rumours circulating at the moment. Next up is the bad news, it looks as though Apple still won't make an iPhone with stereo speakers, nor will they be moving the headphone jack back to the top of the phone. If you can see past both of those design decisions then you can look forward to the Apple's latest iPhone finally being revealed in September/October 2014 at a special launch event.

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