iPhone 6 Is Coming: Is Your Media Ready?

    By Vebeka Guess | Small Business

    iPhone 6 Is Coming: Is Your Media Ready? image 483674773 e14092621286021 600x337iPhone 6 Is Coming: Is Your Media Ready?

    The iPhone 6 is com­ing, and the rumors include two new screen sizes and new screen res­o­lu­tions. Are your dig­i­tal assets ready? And what about other new form fac­tors, such as the iWatch, Google Glass, and dig­i­tal bill­boards? Will your images and video dis­play prop­erly on Day 1? How soon after the final announce­ment of the new screen spec­i­fi­ca­tions will your con­tent be ready? Do you know what to do to get it ready?

    The stakes are high. If you are not pre­pared for a new form fac­tor your con­tent may be cropped in odd and unpre­dictable ways. If the con­tent is not at a high enough res­o­lu­tion or pixel den­sity for the screen dis­play then it might become soft and fuzzy, ruin­ing your brand’s impact on a poten­tial cus­tomer. Are you going to face these same ques­tions and chal­lenges every time a new device is released to the public?

    You might be think­ing, “I have a respon­sive design site, or an adap­tive mobile site, so I am all set.” But it’s not that sim­ple. Dig­i­tal images and videos still need to be refor­mat­ted to dis­play opti­mally for each device’s screen size and resolution.

    It is all about how your site is achiev­ing its respon­sive­ness. Many sites down­load large images to mobile devices and rely on the Cas­cad­ing Style Sheets to down­size it, forc­ing the mobile device to go through the logic and do the cal­cu­la­tions to pro­vide the right-sized media. And if cus­tomers are view­ing mobile sites from low-bandwidth net­works, this can sig­nif­i­cantly slow down mobile site per­for­mance, even on a respon­sive site.

    For instance, a recent report states that Radware’s annual bench­mark shows the median time to load a web­page is 9.3 sec­onds and has slowed by 21 per­cent over the last 12 months (Source: “CDNs Extend To Web Per­for­mance Opti­miza­tion And End-To-End Cloud Ser­vices,” For­rester Research, Inc., July 31, 2014). This slow­down is mainly due to inef­fi­cient use of right-sized media. Page per­for­mance directly impacts con­ver­sion. Will your cus­tomers wait that long?

    Some mar­keters will not be wor­ry­ing about this. These mar­keters are using intel­li­gent rich media pub­lish­ing tech­nol­ogy to deliver respon­sive images to their dig­i­tal prop­er­ties. Dynamic media refers to media that is cre­ated on demand instead of in advance, and deliv­ered to the device ready to view. A dynamic media pub­lish­ing plat­form such as Adobe Scene7 detects the respon­sive page break­point for the device request­ing the con­tent, and deliv­ers the right-sized image for­mat on demand. This can save a lot of up-front cre­ative pro­duc­tion time and costs, because the right-sized images do not need to be cre­ated in advance.

    Below is an exam­ple from the Audi web­site. The auto­mo­bile images in each case are deliv­ered dynam­i­cally from the same mas­ter, prop­erly sized in each instance before being down­loaded to the end device.

    iPhone 6 Is Coming: Is Your Media Ready? image cars 600x241iPhone 6 Is Coming: Is Your Media Ready?

    The same intel­li­gent tech­nol­ogy sys­tems also auto­mate the resiz­ing of video play­ers and encod­ing of video over mul­ti­ple file for­mats. They already can han­dle all of the exist­ing codecs, file for­mats, and screen sizes. The iPhone 6 is just another num­ber and these sys­tems will auto­mat­i­cally gen­er­ate a ver­sion suit­able for this new device as soon as it is detected.

    For a mar­keter using this tech­nol­ogy, the only task is to get the specs of the new device when they are released and per­haps make a few sim­ple adjust­ments. The abil­ity to han­dle a new device with this ease requires a three-step process to plan, man­age, and opti­mize your rich media experiences.


    Best prac­tices with dynamic, rich media pub­lish­ing require that you design and pro­duce a sin­gle high-resolution mas­ter, once. After that, the dynamic media man­age­ment sys­tem will take care of resiz­ing and other changes needed so that your con­tent can be deliv­ered to any device that con­nects to your web­site, includ­ing devices that haven’t been released yet. Your plan­ning will include know­ing the trends, under­stand­ing how user behav­ior changes on dif­fer­ent form fac­tors, and know­ing what you want the user expe­ri­ence to be. You can focus your efforts on these strate­gic ques­tions, con­fi­dent that the tech­nol­ogy will take care of the details in deliv­er­ing this mas­ter con­tent to any device.


    Think of this as cre­at­ing recipes that allow you to spec­ify how the con­tent will look on dif­fer­ent screen sizes. This gives you the con­trol to cus­tomize crop­ping, sharp­en­ing, tem­plates, color effects, video encod­ing pro­files, and more. Most impor­tantly, you can define auto scal­ing, which will read the break­points and deliver media that is per­fectly sized for each plat­form. When a new device is released, you may have to tweak one of these recipes or cre­ate a new one. This fairly sim­ple action will apply to all of your media on any end device. You can be con­fi­dent that your con­tent will dis­play well on any new device with only a few minor adjustments.


    A good rich media pub­lish­ing solu­tion will be inte­grated with ana­lyt­ics, allow­ing you to mon­i­tor, test, and improve your con­tent. Despite your best efforts, mis­takes or prob­lems may arise. Per­haps you will detect that the new larger mobile screen has led to dif­fer­ent user behav­ior, such as watch­ing video for longer dura­tions. You could then run an A/B test using a ver­sion of the video that was run­ning on tablets. Strong ana­lyt­ics enable you to respond to any prob­lems or oppor­tu­ni­ties with agility, based on solid knowl­edge and per­for­mance data.

    What will the next new screen be? Big? Small? Round? Maybe spher­i­cal or 3D. The right tech­nol­ogy lets you take advan­tage of new chan­nels quickly, and respond with opti­mized expe­ri­ences no mat­ter what comes next.

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