iPad magazine turns news into art via ‘comics journalism’

The recent demise of The Daily may have cast some doubt on the feasibility of the iPad-only model of publishing, but Symbolia is now attempting a novel twist. Specifically, Symbolia is a new iPad magazine that uses classic comics illustration to help bring the news to life.

Now available via a free iPad app or PDF subscription, Symbolia bills itself as “the tablet magazine of illustrated journalism.” Based on the Mag+ platform, the publication plans to produce six issues a year, each pairing “incendiary reporting with thoughtful illustration and comics,” it says. A free preview issue is now available through its iPad app or via a PDF download. After that, purchase options include single issues for USD 2.99 or annual subscriptions for USD 11.99. The video below demonstrates the concept in action:

Symbolia’s future plans include offering e-book versions as well as app versions for Android tablets and the Kindle Fire. Journalism-minded entrepreneurs: one to partner with or emulate in a like-minded offering of your own?

Website: www.symboliamag.com
Contact: www.symboliamag.com/contact

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