iOS7 Features That All Enterprises Would Love

    By Carlos Wilson | Small Business

    With the completely renovated interface, iOS7 is going to enter the market with a boom. Well, the day is not so far when we will have iOS7 devices in our hands. The iOS devices will affect not only the users, but also the developers. Out of all, it will affect to enterprises, the most. So, let’s have a look at the business features of iOS7, every enterprise is waiting for.
    iOS7 Features That All Enterprises Would Love  image iOS7 Features That All Enterprises Would Love
    1. Manages ‘open in’

    The fully fledged, business featured iOS 7 gives us the facility to separate the work documents and personal ones from the e-mail attachments. When you will click on the attachment it will ask you the ‘open in app’ types option, so that you can open business documents safely and prevent personal documents from opening in managed apps. This allows you to control the way attachments open, keeping your data safe and secure.

    2. Introduces ‘Per app VPN’

    As soon as the apps are launched, they will automatically be configured and connect to Virtual Private Network(VPN). It ensures that the transported corporate data travels through VPN, and the personal data does not. This will improve the user experience as it will help keeping corporate data away from the personal.

    3. Managing App Store license

    Earlier, when an enterprise used to purchase an app for its employee’s iPhone, that employee can use the app only till the time he works for that company. Moreover, that app can not be assigned to any other employee of the company. So, iOS7 comes up with new license management where in an enterprise can reassign the same app to different employees. It becomes extremely helpful to the enterprises following BYOD. The employees can register with their personal Apple ID on their devices and use the app till they work with that particular company. The company can reassign it to other employee once he leaves the company.

    4. MDM: easy enrollment and configuration options

    The iOS 7 gives you a numerous new configurations, commands and queries. Moreover, it allows to set the managed apps wirelessly. It lets you install fonts and print using AirPrint. It creates a white list of AirPlay devices and has a wide range of new capabilities. In addition to it, the devices that are owned by institution can be automatically enrolled in MDM so that they can skip basic set up steps of configuration. This makes the process faster and easier for companies as well as employees.

    5. Enterprise Single sign on (SSO)

    You are tired of entering your ids and passwords every time you want to log in, aren’t you? So, iOS7 has come up with the single sign on feature. The name itself says, you have to enter your id and password to log in just once. Then, you can use all your corporate apps as well as App store apps without re entering your passwords. This one is amazing, isn’t it?

    6. Third party app data protection

    This features deal with the security of the data in your applications. The encryption key is made from the pass code you use to unlock your iOS7 devices. All the applications you download from the App store are locked with that pass code. Your applications’ data will be protected by your unlocking pass code until you unlock your iOS7 device.

    7. Improvement in Mail Service

    The newly improved mail app is one of the most amazing features in iOS7 devices. It allows to organize the mail folders really well. Moreover, it lets you open PDF files easily without making the use of other app and allows you sync your notes with Outlook. This feature is very helpful to working people as well as non working ones.

    8. Caching Server 2 supports iOS7

    By caching, you can download the licensed and purchased content and software quickly and easily through the App store, iTunes, iBookstore and Mac App Store. You will get all the updates on your device over your corporate network.

    Well, I know all of you sitting there are excited to use these features in real, and not just read about it. All we can do is wait for the iOS7 devices to launch. So, good luck for using these exciting features and happy waiting!

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