Interview with Chloey Shriver: How entrepreneurship has affected one ten year old

    By Barbara Quick | Small Business

    My Eco Lips is a line of fully customizable lip balm products from the Eco Lips company. It is a family business and the idea for the new product line came from Chloey Shriver, the ten-year-old daughter in the family. As a result she is heavily involved in the new line and has become the public face for it, often referred to as the ‘CEO’. We wanted to get Chloey Shriver’s take on the effect it has had on her life, being the public face for her family’s company. Here’s what Chloey told Yahoo…

    “I’ll have a better chance of getting a good job when I’m older, since I’m the ‘CEO’ this young. It’s helped me improve my public speaking skills. I think it shows people that I’m a hard worker.”

    How has her notoriety affected how other kids at school treat her?

    “The kids that know think it’s cool. Nobody really treats me any different, except they all want me to make them special lip balms. When I go to Eco Lips, people pretend like I’m the real CEO—which is fun!”

    Does Chloey feel any resentment about the couple of hours a week she has to spend on being the spokesperson/CEO for My Eco Lips?

    “If my parents would let me quit school, I would work at Eco Lips and go to online school! I fit in better at Eco Lips than I do at school. My dad quit school early to start working—so I should be able to do that, too.”

    We asked this pint-sized force of nature whether she’s been booked yet on a daytime interview show—and whether she wanted us to give a shout-out to Ellen and Oprah.

    “Yes, please. I love Ellen! I’m a huge fan of Ellen. I don’t know who Oprah is but would love to be interviewed.”

    What has Chloey learned so far about the world of business?

    “Its hard. You have to stay on track. It’s really important that you keep track of everything. Like when you’re measuring ingredients, you can’t mess up. You have to do it right or it doesn’t work. You have to stay more focused than in other parts of life.”

    And what does Chloey want to be when she grows up?

    “Happy. No matter what, I want to be happy. I’ll probably be a child psychologist while I run Eco Lips on the side. Right now I baby-sit, have a dog-walking business and am assistant director at our local theatre. Plus I like to spend my spare time helping special needs kids. I just like to help people. I also like to travel. We take trips every year in our van and drive everywhere, plus last year we went to El Salvador to help build houses.”

    Thinking we were being cute, we asked Chloey if she’s ever been mad at her father and threatened to fire him.

    “Yes. And some of the other employees too. I also tried to stop my dad from firing someone but he didn’t listen. I was mad at him for a few days.”

    Realizing that we were interviewing a person with strong opinions and perhaps an unusual degree of insight, we asked Chloey to tell us her thoughts about the future of fossil fuels—as well as her best guess about what will be the clean energy source that has the best promise for meeting the world’s energy demands.

    “By the time I’m an adult, there probably won’t be any oil left. My mom’s car is a hybrid so we can try to save gas. Solar power is awesome. I think everything will shift to solar eventually. We get the sun every day. I care more about people than the environment. I want people to be healthy.” Chloey paused to think then added, “I guess people can’t be healthy if the planet isn’t healthy.”

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