How to Make an International Content Marketing Strategy

It’s now common and accepted for an online business to have customers from different countries and if you run any kind of business online then at least at some point of time you would have come across clients with foreign accents. In some cases foreign sales constitute a very important part of an organizations revenue.

Many website owners hesitate when it comes to promoting their business in other markets. The questions of different languages, cultures, traditions works as barriers and the fear of an unknown customer holds businesses back. If you really want to grow and become a global brand then you and your organization needs to deal with these issues as soon as possible.

Before building your own web presence in different countries you need to know that marketing your business across the globe is not as difficult as many claim. Consider this Coca Cola, Microsoft, Apple, Google are brands which are popular across all cultures .

How to Make an International Content Marketing Strategy image map selfHow to Make an International Content Marketing Strategy

Harry Potter has universal appeal and even before these brands there were things such as religions, ideologies which had universal appeal and used to count people of all races, countries and cultures among their followers Capitalism and Communism are two good examples here.

The main thing which I want to emphasize is that humans are same all over the world and this is my personal experience after living in 3 countries . I can speak Russian, English, Persian and Urdu fluently and have friends from Turkey, China, Middle East, South East Asia and Europe. There are lots of similarities which I’ve noticed when it comes to business, human interaction which are found in people all over the globe.

In this context having a multilingual and multicultural Online Marketing strategy is of immense importance to a business. Off course this is not for every business because not all businesses can cater to a global audience. But if your business has global ambitions then you must also have a global content marketing strategy.

In the start you don’t need to create content for each and every website or marketing campaign separately for every geographic location in which you operate. If a piece of content or a particular marketing tactic has worked in one country in most of the cases it will work in other geographic locations also.

In this interview Karl Blanks founder of Conversion rate experts explained how they were able to double conversion rates in for one of their clients by just translating the optimized text on the landing page from English version of the website to the Japanese one. Many times you just need to copy what is working in other markets to your home market.

So start optimizing your website and marketing for various markets by building a multicultural content marketing strategy. Please subscribe to our Blog and leave your comments below.

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