Insights from a Social Media Strategist

Your typical social media strategist has a lot to say—as you would expect from someone whose job requires socialability. But when the best social media strategists speak about business, we should all listen.

Advice from Social Media Strategist Cindy Morrison

Cindy Morrison says, “Look at every fan/follower as a potential client/customer. They already like you enough to check you out.”

This advice may seem obvious, but it’s advice few businesses follow. Too many people try to acquire as many fans and followers as they can without any strategy for turning them into paying customers.

It’s great to be liked and to know that thousands of people listen when you speak, but if you spend money or time acquiring your followers, you should plan how you’ll recoup your investment and turn a profit. That’s why you hire a social media strategist.

Advice from Social Media Strategist Jamie Duklas

Jamie Duklas says, “Excite your [core customers] and they’ll do a lot of the marketing legwork for you.”

This is without a doubt the biggest advantage of social media over traditional marketing. Advertising and other older marketing methods mostly went from the company to the customer and the sale went from the customer back to the company, but social media lets your best customers market you to other potential customers at no additional cost to you.

But to take advantage of social media marketing, you need excited customers. You need people who will absolutely rave about you—people who are willing to dedicate part of their time to promoting your brand.

Businesses which exceed their customer’s expectations are the most likely to succeed in social media marketing for this reason, say social media strategists. Boring businesses in established markets can’t exceed their customer’s expectations, so they’ll probably never be able to use social media marketing—but new businesses in new markets using new ways to serve customers can use social media to grow like wildfire.

Advice from Social Media Strategist Kim Garst

Kim Garst says, “Marketing is about providing your message to your ideal customers—wherever they are.”

Kim reminds us why we’re marketing on social media—it’s where customers are today. Twitter, Facebook, Pintrest—none of these matter at all except that people are spending minutes or hours everyday using them.

It takes a superior social media strategist to look at your business and ask you whether or not your ideal customers are on social media—and whether or not they’re receptive to recommendations made on social media. Twentysomethings are on social media, so you should be too if they’re your ideal market. But if your target market is elderly computer illiterates, social media is probably not where you should focus your energy.

And that’s the final and most important reason you should hire a social media strategist—they’ve conducted campaigns, they’ve seen real-life statistics, and they’ll be able to tell you whether or not you should keep spending time and money on social media marketing.


Listen to Cindy and turn followers into customers. Listen to Jamie and excite your followers into promoting your brand. And listen to Kim and go where your customers are, with or without a social media strategist.

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