From Initiation to Graduation – CRM for Debt Settlement

Choosing the right Customer Relationship Management software can be very challenging, especially being in an industry as complicated as Debt Settlement, Debt Consolidation and the like.  Weeding through all the software choices can be a daunting task.  Outlining the features that are most important for your business prior to shopping can help make your decision easier.

The following guide will assist in choosing the right CRM vendors and help the vendor understand what you are looking for.

Do you prefer a Web Based program?
A web-based CRM allows users to login from anywhere, anytime and does not require downloads.

What are your lead distribution requirements?
Lead distribution can move leads from one rep to another in bulk or one-by-one.

Do you work with affiliates?
Set rules for your affiliates allowing them to see the data required and not your businesses reporting, etc.

Do you require a client login portal?
A client portal allows clients to see the work that is being done on their file.

Do you work with lead vendors and require lead importing?
Lead vendors are assigned their own login credentials to import leads to your system.

Do you require the ability to track your lead sources and campaigns?
Leads are expensive; track the results of the leads by source and campaign.

Do you require budgets, fee schedules and program calculators?
Choosing a CRM already built for the Debt Industry will lower set-up fees and have most of the calculators and scheduling tools already built in.

Do you wish to send emails and documents through the system?
Storing all client documents, emails and notes in a CRM gives you a 360 degree view of the file in one place.

What integrations will you require?
Ex. Global, RAM, Persolvo, Docusign

From Initiation to Graduation   CRM for Debt Settlement image ConnectsDepartments 300x191From Initiation to Graduation CRM for Debt Settlement

CRM for Debt Settlement

A well built CRM for the Debt Industry will have all the features described and many more.   Your employees will easily take a new lead from initiation through the processes to graduation in a smooth efficient workflow.

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