Infographic Released Depicts the Value with Investing in Gold

    By Tomica Bonner | Small Business

    According to a recent press release there are several good reasons why people are now choosing to invest in gold, especially in this current market economy. For one, it aids in diversifying your portfolio by providing both a currency and inflation hedge. It also has a history of maintaining its value, has limited risk management and supply constraints.

    The value of gold is increasing in demand and virtually inflation proof. Gold is also considered a tangible asset and is impervious to geopolitical movements and uncertainty.

    Gold and silver are quite popular in this realm and as such, have solidified their place as powerhouse investments. The infographic created by Personal Income provide information for individuals that are interested in the way the process of rolling over a gold IRA works.

    The IRS determines the regulations surrounding metals purchases such as the restriction of rare, collectible and graded coins along with the involvement of restricted individuals. They also stipulate the fineness requirement for gold, silver, platinum, and palladium.

    Metals that are included in your investment portfolio provide a solid backing in light of the reduced value of the US dollar and the risk of inflation. Gold has also proven its worth time and time again in terms of return on investments (ROI).

    An investment in gold in 2002 for $33,000 would be worth $200,000 in 2013. But you don’t have to figure all of this out on your own. Gold IRA companies typically advise individuals on purchases, ensure the safe transport of materials, help you plan your long-term goals, and secure depository. However, as always it’s essential to conduct your own research of the strategies and businesses associated with Gold IRAs to learn more.

    Infographic Released Depicts the Value with Investing in Gold image goldiraInfographic Released Depicts the Value with Investing in Gold

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